Academic Growth

The Board organizes the following academic programmes for the growth of the teachers and students so as to boost quality education in the state.

  • Orientation porgrammes for the in-service teachers by the subject teaching experts of the Board.
  • Conduct of seminars / workshops/ symposiums by the subject teaching experts of the Board.
  • Academic inspection of schools by the subject teaching experts of the Board.
  • Involvement of teachers in various academic programmes like scheme of evaluation, review of text-books, and analysis of question papers, etc.
  • Preparation of Sample questions for improvement of the examination tools.
  • Analysis of the H.S.C. Examination Results to provide feedback for quality improvement.
  • Training programmes on library and information science.
  • Training of the papers setters and moderators in collaboration with the N.C.E.R.T., New Delhi by evaluation unit.
  • Holding of book exhibitions.
  • Publication of quarterly Journal.
  • Award of different grants to schools for quality improvement.
    • Furniture grant.
    • Library Book grant.
    • Science Exhibition grant.
    • Headmaster conference grant.