Regulations for the Middle School Scholarship / National Rural Talent Scholarship Examination (Relevant extracts)

    1. Eligibility of Candidates
      1. The Candidates selected for this examination shall have continuous and regular study for two school years immediately preceding the examination in one or more recognised schools of the types mentioned under Regulation 2 supra, and duly recommended by the District Inspector of Schools basing on their performance at the Middle School Common Examination.
      2. The candidates other than those belonging to scheduled caste and scheduled tribe must not be over 15 years of age on the date of examination. In the case of candidates belonging to scheduled caste and scheduled tribe the age limit shall not exceed 16 years on the date of examination.
      3. The candidates who have failed previously at this examination or were detained in Grade 5 or 6 (Class VI or VII) are not eligible to appear at this examination.
      4. The Candidates of unrecognised schools presented at the U.P. Common Examination through the nearby recognised schools are also not eligible to sit for this examination
      1. The candidates shall be examined in two papers each of a duration of 1 hour 30 mints. The contents of the paper shall be as follows : Paper-I( M.I.L., History, Civics and Geography), Paper – II (Mathematics and General Science).
      2. The type of questions shall be objective and the candidates shall be required to mark the answers on the O.M.R. question papers itself.
    2. The Centres for this examination shall be fixed by the examination committee only at the District / Sub-Divisional headquarters and the candidates of a particular area shall have to appear at those centres.
    3. The Board shall tabulate the marks of both the papers and send a copy of the register to the Circle Level Committee to select scholars for award of M.E. Merit/ Merit – cum Poverty scholarships and scholars for award of N.R.T.S. from the schools situated in the rural areas.
  • The Board on the recommendations of the Executive Committee shall determine fees to be paid by the examinees / candidates and institutions presenting such candidates in the Middle School Scholarship Examniation / National Rural Talent Scholarship Examniation.
    Rates of fees so determined by the Board shall in no case be changed within three years of revision and shall in no case be higher than the fees prescribed for the H.S.C. Examination.
    The Secretary shall communicate every year to all Educational Institutions and Inspecting Officers concerned regarding the rates of fees.
  • The fees shall be payable to the Secretary, Board of Secondary Education, Odisha, Cuttack by means of Bank Draft only by respective Heads of Institutions in the prescribed proforma along with the descriptive rolls prescribed for the scholarship examination.
  • Disciplinary clauses under 42 of Chapter X of the Board's Regulartions shall be operative for the M.S.S. / N.R.T.S. examination.