Regulations for Prathama Certificate Exam. 2003 & Onwards

  1. The Board of Secondary Education, Odisha Shall conduct the Prathama Certificate Examination once a year.
  2. The above examination shall be held at such centres as the Examination Committee may from time to time fix and on such dates and time as the Committee may appoint.
  3. The Prathama Certificate Examination shall be so designed as to be a test of all round general education which would enable the student either to enter the working force or to take up higher level academic and vocational courses.
  4. The examination shall be conducted by written tests, practical tests and/or internal assessment and shall be in accordance with such instructions as may be issued by the Examination Committee from time to time and shall be in accordance with the courses of studies prescribed.
  5. Award of marks or grades to a candidate in different subjects of examination will be based on his / her intelligent appreciation and understanding of the subjects.
  6. The Prathama Certificate Examination shall be open to the following categories of candidates. The candidates who have satisfactorily prosecuted a regular course of study in 1st year and 2nd year of Prathama Classes (Class-VI & VII) in one or more vidyalayas recognised by the sanskrit Vishvavidyalaya, Puri or Director of Secondary Education, Odisha / or Board of Secondary Education, Odisha as the case may be and who have been duly selected for the examination by the Head of the Institution last attended. The candidates who have failed previously at the examination are not eligible to appear at this examination. In otherwords they have to read in Prathama (Class - VII) again.
  7. Admission into institution : No student shall be admitted into an institution Eight weeks after the date of re-opening of the institution or the date of publication of results of the Class-V Exam. of recognised schools whichever is later provided that in exceptional cases the Board may permit a student two weeks more for admission with a late fee of Rs. 10.00. Provided further that where the Board grants recognition to an Institution the date of issue of such order shall be regarded as the opening of the Institution for the purpose of the admission.
  8. Non-eligibility of candidates : No candidate who has been expelled from a Vidyalaya / School or is under rustication shall be admitted to the Prathama Certificate Examination.
  9. Application of Candidates : Application form of every candidate who seeks to be admitted to the Prathama Certificate Examination duly filled in the best hand-writing of the candidate concerned shall reach the Secretary alongwith a fees prescribed for the purpose on or before the date fixed by the Board. Applications received after due date shall be rejected. Any application incompletely or wrongly filled in shall be rejected provided the deficiencies are not removed within ten days from the date of issue of a notice to that effect by the Board.
  10. Change of Centre : A candidate may be allowed to change the centre allotted to him by the Board in the event of transfer or retirement of his/her parent or natural guardian provided his/her parent or natural guardian is an employee of the Central or the State Government or local bodies and statutory bodies or public undertakings. For this purpose, he/she shall apply through the head of his / her institution alongwith documents in original clear 21 days before the commencement of the examination. Every candidate who seeks to change his centre shall affix two recent passport size photograph (duly attested by the concerned head of the Institution) at the places specified in the application form. As soon as possible after the examination, the Examination Committee shall publish the results and the results shall be intimated to the Vidyalaya concerned.
  11. Allotment of Division : A candidate shall have to secure at least 15% of marks in each paper to be declared as pass. Candidates securing a minimum of 15% of marks in aggregate and less than 25% marks in aggregate shall be placed in "D" grade. Candidates securing at least 25% in aggregate and less than 45% shall be placed in "C" Grade, candidate securing at least 45% marks in aggregate and less than 60% shall be placed in "B" Grade, at least 60% and less than 70% marks shall be placed in "A" Grade & 70% or more marks shall be placed on "O" Grade. The Examination Committee shall be competent to frame general rules giving benefit to hard cases and such rules as framed by the Examination Committee need be intimated to the Govt. from time to time.
  12. Certificates : A certificate shall be awarded to each successful candidate by the Board in a form to be approved by the Examination Committee.
  13. Enrolment Fee : All candidates studying in Prathama 2nd year Class - VII of recognised Vidyalaya shall get themselves enrolled with the Board on payment of an enrolment fee to be fixed by the Board from time to time by 31st August of the 2nd year. Enrolment fees shall be paid to the Board through the head of the Institution.
  14. Application forms of all regular candidates should contain certificates of attendance stating that the candidate has attended Vidyalaya for not less than 60% of the working days in each of the Prathama 1st year and 2nd year separately.
    Note : A student who has studied in more than one Vidyalaya in Prathama 1st year and 2nd year classes should have his attendance counted on the basis of the combined attendance in the Institutions attended.
  15. The Examination Committee may condone the deficiency in attendance not exceeding 5% for special reasons like ill health or other extra-ordinary circumstances beyond the control of the candidate for which the candidate was unable to attend the Vidyalaya on the recommendation made for the purpose by the Head of the Institution.
  16. A certificate from the Head of the Institution stating that the candidate has regularly prosecuted his studies preceding to the examination.
  17. Subjects of Examination
    (A) Compulsory Subject

    Paper Subject Marks
    1.Paper - I Sanskruta VyakaranAnubad 100
    2.Paper-II Sanskruta Gadya Sahitya 100
    3.Paper - III Sanskruta Padya SahityaAmarkosh 100
    4. Paper - IV Odiya Sahitya / Hindi Sahitya 100
    5. Paper- V Samajika Sikhya 50
    6. Paper - VI Ganitam - Bigyana 100
    7. Paper -VII English 100
    8. Paper - VIII Translation into Sanskrit 100
      Total 750
  18. All answers except Paper - VIII shall be written in Sanskrit / Oriya / Hindi language in all papers except English which shall be written in English. Paper - VIII shall be translated into Sanskrit from Oriya / Hindi / English, and shall be written in Oriya / Devnagari script and in Sanskrit language.
  19. Duration of examination : Each paper on every subject shall be of two hours duration.
  20. Each candidate shall pay examination and other fees as prescribed by the Board on such dates as fixed by the Board.