Regulations for conduct of Certificate course in Physical Education Examination

(Approved by the Govt. in the Education Department Notification No. 3837/E dated 17.2.69)

These Regulations shall be incorporated as Chapter - XG in Board's Regulations.

  1. The Board shall conduct the Certificate Course in Physical Education Examination of the Government College of Physical Education, Odisha.
  2. Admission to this course shall ordinarily be confined to candidates having the minimum qualification of the Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Odisha, Cuttack or any other examination equivalent thereto.
  3. The Examination shall be held in the Government College of Physical Education or such other Centre as the examination Committee of the Board may from time to time fix and on such dates and times as the Committee may appoint.
  4. The Examination shall be conducted by means of partly written test and partly practical test and shall be in accordance with such instructions as may be issued by the Examination Committee from time to time.
  5. The following categories of candidates are eligible to appear at the Examination :
    1. Regular candidates who have satisfactorily prosecuted a regular Course of Study for one school year in the Government College of Physical Education, Odisha, Cuttack and have had undergone practice teaching and tests prescribed for the purpose and are duly sent up for the Examination by the Principal subject to fulfillment of conditions laid down in Regulation 6 infra
    2. Private - -Private candidates of the following categories shall be admitted to the Examination subject to the fulfilment of the conditions laid down under Regulation 7 infra.
    3. Candidates who appeared at the Examination and have passed the practical test but have failed in written test.
    4. Candidates, who have previously appeared at the Examination and failed either in practical test alone or in both the practical and theoretical tests but who since their failure have completed one year teaching in a recognised school to the satisfaction of the Inspector of Schools.
      6. Candidates presented under Regulation
  6. shall fulfill the following conditions in order to be eligible to appear for the examination.
    1. The applications shall be in the prescribed form and written in the candidates' own handwriting.
    2. The applications filled in all respects along with the prescribed fees must reach the Secretary on or before the date fixed by the Examination Committee with a certificate of Character and good conduct at the College from the Principal of the institution.
    1. All private candidates coming under 5(b) supra shall submit along with their applications and prescribed fees the following, in order to be eligible to sit for the examination.
    2. Two passport size photographs duly certified at their backs that "This is the Photograph of Sri/Smt.................................................................... and signed by the Principal of the institution affixing his official stamp.
    3. Original High School Leaving Certificate issued by the Board of Secondary Education or an equivalent certificate issued by any other Statutory authority recognised by the Board of Secondary Education, Odisha, Cuttack.
    4. Admit card or mark sheet in case of failed candidates.
    5. Certificate of service from the Head of the institution for candidates under 5 (b) (ii) supra.
  7. The medium of instruction and examination shall be in English and the Courses of Study for the candidates shall be as prescribed. (Please see C.P. Ed. Curriculum)
  8. (b) In addition to the written Examination as above there shall be Practical Examination to be conducted with the help of an External Examiner and the distribution of mark shall be as in C.P. Ed. Curriculum.
    1. A candidate, to pass in Third Division shall have to secure at least 30% in each of the written papers and 50% in practical portion.
    2. Candidates securing above 40%and below 60% in aggregate shall be placed in 2nd Division; candidates securing 60% or more shall be placed in Ist Division.
      The fees prescribed for the examination shall be as decided & noticed by the Board from time to time.
    1. The Board on the recommendations of the Executive Committee shall determine fees to be paid by the examinees / candidates and institutions presenting such candidates in the Certificate Course in Physical Education Training Examination.
      Rates of fees so determined by the Board shall in no case be changed within three years of revision and shall in no case be higher than the fees charged by the Council of Higher Secondary Education.
      The Secretary shall communicate every year to all educational institutions and respective officers concerned regarding the rates.
    2. It shall be competent for the Board to prescribe from time to time such other fees as may be found necessary and desirable.
    3. Fee paid shall not be refundable.
  9. Disciplinary clauses as enumerated under Regulation 16 (a) to (e) of Chapter XD of the Board's Regulation shall be applicable in this case too.
    Notwithstanding anything contained in these Regulations this Examination shall be conducted on the basis of the Courses of studies and Syllabi approved by the School Examination Board of the Directorate of Education (Schools) for the year 1969. However, the Courses of Studies and Syllabi that may be prescribed by the Board under these Regulations shall be applicable to candidates taking admission in these school from the school session 1969-70.