The Scheme of Studies for C.P.Ed Examination

Distribution of Marks and pattern of Evaluation in Certificate Course on Physical Education, Examination (Recommended by the Physical Education Syllabus Committee held on 22.5.2003)

Part I (Theory)

Paper & Subject Internal Assessment Board Exam. (External) Total Pass Marks
P-I, Principle, Psychology
& History of P.E.
20 80 100 30
P-II, Organisation & Method .of Phy. Edn. 20 80 100 30
P- III Part A
Anatomy & Physiology
10 40 50 30
P-III Part B Safety & Health Education 10 40 50  
P IV Part A Officiating 10 40 50 30
P IV Part B Coachnig 10 40 50  
Total Mark
    The Pass Mark for :
  • P - III, Part A and Part B
  • P - IV Part - A and Part - B to be taken together for considering Pass Mark
  • The total pass aggregate is 30% in theory and 50% in practicals
  • Part II Practical
    All the examinations of section I, II, III, IV & VI will be evaluated by both external & internal examiners

Section V and VII will be evaluated internally by the concerned College

25 x 3 = 75 marks
Section I Major Games Any three games of the following

(Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Kabaddi,

Kho-Kho, Threwhall, Softball, Handball)
Section II

Athletics Any one event from each category

(a) Running (b) Jumping and (c) Throwing

25 x 3 = 75 marks
Section III Any five items from the following activities

(i) Gymnastics (ii) Combatives (iii) Wrestling (iv) Minor Games
and Relays

(v) Drill Marching (vi) Callisthemies (vii) Folk songs,
dances, and Action songs

(viii) Rhythmics Lejum, Dumbell, Wand Drill,
Indian Club Etc.
15 x 5 = 75 marks
Section IV Part II List of Yogic Asanas and Kriyas

Yoga Asanas

(1) Surya Namaskar (2) Brukhya Asana (3) Tada Asana

(4) Garuda Asana (5) Utkata Asana (6) Padmasana (7) Vajrasana (8) Bakrasana

(9) Gomukha Asana (10) Matchendra Asana (11) Ardha Matchendra Asana

(12) Savasana (13) Sarvangasana (14) Halasana (15) Chakrasana

(16) Uthitspadsana (17) Paschimotanasana (18) Kukutasana (19) Salvasana

(20) Ardha Salavasana (21) Bhujangasana (22) Mayurasana (23) Dhanurasana

(24) Shirshasana

Yogic Kriyas

(1) Pranayam (2) Neuli (3) Uddian (4) Kapalvati Candidates are to be examined

any five asanas from the above stated asanas in

and two Kriyas form the list in (B)

Section IV

Yogasana and yoga Kriyas (All asans described in the lists And Kriyas like

Pranayam, Neuli, Uddian and Kapal Vati)

Any five Yogasan and any one Yoga Kriya will be examined

10 x 5 = 50

25 x 1 = 25

75 marks
Section V

Teaching Ability

Group I Two final Lessons (2 Lessons one General and one particular)

75 marks

Group II Supervised Lesson (Five General and Five Particular Lessons)

75 marks
Section VI Officiating Ability (

Officiating assignments from 2 major games and athletics


3 x 25 = 75 Marks
Section VII

Practical Project

(Total Project work will be evaluated internally in the following manner)

(i) Exteramural and Intramural competition    15 Marks

(ii) First Aid p; 15 Marks

(iii) Organisation of the Annual Atheletic

meet, Annual function, Independence Day   15 Marks

and Republic Day Celebration

(iv)  Extension Service (Public Relation   15 Marks

Crowd Control, N.S.S. work, Out door


(v) Camping and Hyking -   15 Marks

75 Marks
Grand Total (a) Theory 400 Marks

(b) Practical 600 Marks
Total 1000 Marks